Friday, March 12, 2010


Both boys went in yesterday to see Dr. Hunter for their well-child checks (I guess I can't call them well "baby" check-ups anymore, huh?). Here's the low-down:

At three years old, Drew weighs 38 pounds, and is 3 feet 3 inches tall (both in the 75th percentile). His blood pressure was also taken for the first time (a routine thing now that he's "of age"), and he did a stellar job answering Dr. Hunter's questions (like his name, age, gender...checking for the normal information he should know at his age). He was very cooperative (albiet shy) when she checked him out, and as expected, he's looking and growing great.

At one year old, Reed weighs in at 25 pounds 11 ounces, and is 31 inches tall (90th percentile). His finger was pricked to check for lead and his hemoglobin levels. The hemoglobin came back a tish low (10.1 and they want it to be 10.5 or higher), which isn't totally abnormal, so he was prescribed a vitamin with iron to increase his levels, and he'll be checked again at his 15 month appointment.

And then things got more complicated, which is what I've come to expect with Monkey...(poor kid really can't get a break)...

So Reed has had this dry skin since around Christmas. I first noticed it on his chin and cheeks, and chalked it up to dry winter air in combination with drool from his pacifier use. As time passed, however, this dry skin, which is really patchy, raised, red, and sore-looking, spread onto his legs, stomach and arms. Some days looked better than others, and knowing he'd have an appointment at one year old, I put off making an appointment and I continued to lather him with lotion as often as I remembered.

{Insert Worst Mother in the World Award HERE}

Dr. Hunter looked at his skin, and said that it looks like eczema. She said that most likely that's what it is, but mentioned that there is one particular strain of eczema that is caused by the strep virus. Just to be sure, she wanted Reed cultured for strep, and if it came back positive, he would need a round of antibiotics to clear that up along with a steroidal cream to relieve the severe dry skin. And yep. You guessed it. Positive for strep. And remember I just mentioned that these dry skin spots started to appear around Christmas? And, if you need a refresher, that's when both Drew and I had strep.

Oh yeah. Worst.Mother.Moment.EVER.

I have no idea if Reed's had strep this whole time. He certainly hasn't been worst for wear, if that's the case. But wow. How's that for feeling totally inadequate as a mom? Sheesh. U.G.L.Y.

So, once again, a trip to the doctor's office resulted in three more prescriptions for Reed.

(Oh, and on a side note (more for my memory than it is for your interest)...Reed hasn't been tolerating whole milk. Thirty minutes after almost every meal with milk, Reed vomits. Dr. Hunter wonders if he still has a bit of a sensitivity considering his formula issues/history, so she recommended giving him 2% milk instead. The fat content in whole milk can agitate sensitive stomachs, she said, and he certainly isn't lacking size wise that switching him won't adversely affect him. So, trial and error, once again.)


On a different (and much more fun) note, Reed opened his final two presents from us this afternoon. Well, I can't say that Reed opened his gifts, so much as Drew did. But I suppose Monkey needed a little help, anyway. :)

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