Sunday, March 28, 2010

Picture of the Day, Week 12

Brad and his dad spent much of the weekend fawning over their NCAA basketball brackets. They're in a poll with much of their family. It's been an interesting tournament so far!

Another trip to the pediatrician results in another diagnosis and prescription for Reed. This time: a herpes/cold sore virus. Antibiotics and an anti-viral cream were both prescribed.

This is a picture of courage. Drew, the normally sensitive and tentative type, marched himself to the top of the tallest slide on the playground, and very proudly and confidently slid down. (He wasn't too thrilled about doing it again, steps, right?)

Just two monkeys jumpin' on the bed. :)

Brad's office. He's here Tuesday-Friday, and of course on Sundays. The church is next door to our house, so there's definitely convenience there. The boys and I made a surprise mid-morning visit just to say "hi."

Three of my favorite aisles at Hobby Lobby. And this week, a super scrapbooking sale! Embellishments, stickers, papers, and much more ALL on sale this week!

Brad spent his morning at church, helping with an Easter bake sale fundraiser. Drew was pretty upset when Brad headed out the door (I think he's been missing Daddy lately). Because the bake sale was on the front lawn of the church, Brad invited Drew over to play while he "worked". It was some much needed Daddy-time for our big guy.


  1. Be still my heart! A scrapbooking sale!!! Dangerous territory for an addict like me....

    Thanks for sharing such cool photos!

  2. Great everyday pictures! I hope the antibotics clear up that rash on his face. I will say a little pray for no scaring.

  3. Oh that sale looks SO good. Wish we had Hobby Lobby in South Africa!

  4. Great pictures this week. Love your funny cute boys. I love finding a good sale also. Have a good week.