Sunday, March 21, 2010

Picture of the Day, Week 11

We bought the altar flowers for church this morning in honor of Reed's first birthday.

Monday {3.15.10}
We went to JCPenney's Portrait Studio this morning to have pictures taken (Drew's 3rd year, Reed's first year, the boys together, and our family photo). I will use one of the family portraits for today's POTD.

The boys' cousins Lauren and Lewis, and Aunt Esther, stopped by today on their way home from their spring break trip to Ohio. They were only able to stay for a few hours, but the boys had a great time!

Once the boys are tucked in bed for the night (and usually me, too!) Brad takes up residence on the living room floor for a little "alone time" with the XBox. He would probably say it helps him relax and relieves stress. I would say it's just a guy thing.

Spring has sprung! Our first walk of the season. Sunny and 64. (Sidenote: It was snowing and 34 by Saturday!)

Add another notch to my "Supermom" belt! :) Grandma and Grandpa VW, along with Alison and DJ (two more cousins), came for the weekend to celebrate Reed's birthday. Perfect time to practice cake-baking/making/creating, right? With a little help from a thing called "Google," I made a monkey cake for our little Monkey!

An example of the weekend fun Drew had with his grandparents and his cousins. Puzzles, games, basketball, toys, stories, laughter, fun, fun, fun!


  1. Very cute photos! My hubby is also an X-box fanatic!

  2. When my brother Drake was little he had hair just like your littlest, it is sooo cute. I love that.

  3. I loved your pictures this week. The stroller is my favorite. Reminds me of my girls in the double stroller for them, sometimes we'd go on 5 walks a day because they would beg again again mommy!!! That is a great cake, I've never seen a monkey one before but love the idea, I'm a horrible baker and cake maker. Glad you had so much fun with the birthday week. See you next week.