Monday, March 15, 2010

Florida Part I: The Airplane

From Peoria to St. Petersburg 3/3... the flight went really well. Drew was fascinated, and kept busy with, a new Mater book I had picked up for him. Reed fell asleep almost immediately after take-off and slept for about an hour before waking to eat. We were very pleased with both boys and very happy to hear a few fellow passengers tell us how well-behaved our kids are!

From St. Petersburg to Peoria 3/10... well, thankfully it's only a 2 hour 11 minute flight! It was an early morning, as our flight was at 8am, and we had to drive two hours from Cape Coral up to St. Petersburg. Needless to say, the boys weren't as cooperative this time around. Reed was extra fussy and extra difficult to get asleep, and Drew had one outburst as he kept unbuckling his seat belt when we told him he couldn't. Somehow, a fellow passenger still told us how great our boys are! (She must've been hard of hearing.) :)

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