Friday, October 15, 2010

All Things Reed

I realized on Tuesday that I missed Reed's official 19-months-old post, which should have been Sunday. I guess time really does pass quickly when I lose total track of it! Consequently, I didn't get a picture taken of our little-big guy *shhhh*, but I'm sure this one'll do!


To update on Reed's speech therapy referral...

Things were delayed a bit as the referral got overlooked by our pediatrician's office. When I called their office on Monday and this was discovered, they must have sped things up because I received a phone call on Tuesday from the lady that will be our Service Coordinator, and on Wednesday she was on our doorstep!

I'll try to make this as clear as mud --- I admit I'm a bit confused with this whole process. Apparently, without even knowing if Reed is eligible or actually in need of speech therapy, a ton of paperwork needs to be filled out. Forms and releases and insurance and blah blah blah. So that's what Glenda, our Service Coordinator, was here for on Wednesday.

I thought this was going to be much different than the program we've been introduced to. I guess I was envisioning an appointment with a speech therapist who could evaluate Reed (however they evaluate babies for speech delay). But apparently for children under the age of three with any kind of developmental delay, such is not the case. Instead, they are referred to Child and Family Connections, an early intervention program in Illinois that provides a variety of services to toddlers and their families who have delays in development or are at risk for such delays. Looking through their pamphlets and information, I can see that this is an incredibly beneficial program for these families. They provide services for everything from nutrition to transportation to medical and nursing services, from various therapies to counseling to assistive technology.

So really great stuff, and I'm sure the program provides greatly for these families. But I guess I found things a bit backwards. Glenda was here telling me all about the program, providing me more than enough information, especially considering we don't even know if Reed is eligible for (meaning, if he even needs) these services. Oh well. I guess that's how these things work.

Anyway, all of this to say, two therapists, one for speech and one for development, will be coming to our home on October 27 to evaluate Reed. Still not entirely sure what this will entail, but it sounds like they pretty much bring toys to play with and interact with Reed. From there, if Reed is really in need for speech therapy, the two therapists, Glenda and I will work together to make sure he gets the services he needs.

During my visit with Glenda, she asked me a few questions regarding Reed's health history and development etc etc etc. Questions, I suppose, that give her and the service team some insight into our family and whatever. Anyway, one of the questions was "What are your biggest concerns regarding your child and his development?" In other words, why do I feel like I need Early Intervention's services. I was kind of like, "well, uh, apparently our pediatrician is concerned and she requested your services." I wasn't really sure what to say. Sure, I'm concerned, a little bit, but now I feel like I'm concerned because someone put the thought in my head that there may be something to be concerned about. In the last month I feel like Reed's verbal skills have expanded greatly. At his 18 month appointment, when Reed was referred, he was speaking two words. He now says two more ("no" and "yeah") and we believe we've heard him also say "baby" "Papa" and "Bob" (and even something that sounds like "Bob-EEE"). He's also babbling and jabbering more, and if he were actually forming words, we probably wouldn't be able to shush him.

My guess, and my hope, really, is that he's just a late bloomer. And with a bunch of talkers in this house, it may not be such a bad thing for the guy to be slow of speech. :)


In closing, I'll leave you with this...


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  1. Try using the assessment on I use it with my daycare children and it is great!!! and I love being able to work with them here in my home and have success. Speech issues are a worry - most seem to grow out of them!!! Good Luck, Vikki B. Indiana