Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Date Night

It was more like a mid-day date... with Drew!

I'm feeling like one of the reasons Drew is a bit out of whack lately (you know, preschool starting, a bit off-kilter with the fluid still in his right ear, just being three years old) is because he's not getting enough individual attention. Or rather, enough positive individual attention. So much lately, it seems like we are telling him "no, no, NO!" more than anything else, and it seemed like the little guy needed some time away, to do something special, just him and mom.

So we did just that.

After lunch on Monday, Drew and I ventured out with the great task of finding him a Halloween costume. We made five stops, looked in four stores, and guess what we came home with?

Absolutely nothing.

Drew's very uninterested in dressing up, it seems. Or maybe just non-committal. Or, quite possibly, just too distracted by

He didn't really like anything we saw (dragon, giraffe, cheeseburger, Buzz, Woody, a different dragon, Tigger, Mario (of Nintendo fame), Dash from The Incredibles, Superman, Batman, or any other superhero) and he was sure to tell me that he didn't want to be scary. (Because those cheeseburgers...pretty frightening.) :)

"I just want to be regular," he says.

So no costume. Yet. I admit these are the times I wish good ideas and creativity just flowed through me. I'd love to be able to whip something together for him that he'd love to wear. I did find a few ideas in a magazine and online, so I'm hoping one of those will spark Drew's interest. I told Drew that if he didn't wear a costume, he couldn't get any candy, to which he told me to wear the costume and then give the candy that I get to him.

I've gotta admit, the kid is smart.

Oh, the fifth stop? Culver's, of course! Nothing says "date" like vanilla custard with M&Ms on top.

We shopped for about four hours, and Drew did great throughout. He listened well, and no major mood swings considering he missed his nap and we were in and out of several stores.

And truth be told, we didn't come home totally empty-handed. I was also shopping for some long-sleeved shirts and winter pj's for Drew, and thankfully, he was very interested in picking out some new things for himself.

He especially enjoyed picking out the new Buzz and Woody toys he bought with his leftover birthday money. :)

Just a little "us" time to remind Drew that he's special, and that I love him very very much.

He said he'd go on another date with me.

I would be honored...

(eventhough I'm pretty sure he thinks it means he'll get another new toy.)

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