Thursday, October 14, 2010


Last Tuesday (the 5th) Drew brought home a special friend from preschool. You've probably met him before.

Here, for example.

And here.

Yep, Corduroy came home and spent a week with us. There are three Hobby Horse "friends" that make the rotation through all the kids' homes. Drew tells me there is a pink bunny and a penquin, as well. Corduroy brought his overnight bag, which included these books for Drew to read, as well as a binder that included stories and pictures from when Corduroy went home with the other Hobby Horse kids.

We had a pretty low-key, regular week while Corduroy was our house guest.

Sharing lunch.

Teaching Corduroy that he has to eat his whole meal before he can have his cookies!

Reading to Corduroy some of Drew's favorite books.

Introducing Corduroy to Kevin (the giraffe) and Teddy.

Drew's bed gets a bit crowded with all of his sleepytime essentials. Corduroy was usually banished to a small make-shift bed on Drew's floor, but he occasionally snuck into Drew's bed during quiet time. :)

Drew spent a lot of time reading Corduroy's stories.

Drew was bummed when Corduroy had to go home this last Tuesday. When he came home from school, he told me that Corduroy got to go home with Bailey. (I found it so cute he kept track of him!) His broken heart was mended when he saw that in his backpack were the books that I had ordered for him from the Scholastic book order.

Among them? Yep, you guessed it.
A Pocket for Corduroy.

"Thank you so much, Mommy!"

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  1. Watch out, those Scholastic book orders are addicting!