Sunday, October 24, 2010

Picture of the Day, Week 42

Brad and I were recognized today for Pastor Appreciation Day. We received this beautiful fall flower arrangement, as well as some gift cards.

Often times, after I've finished getting the boys ready for the day, they make their way onto our bed to watch Disney while I do a little tidying up upstairs. Cuteness.

We hadn't done any art projects at home for quite a while, and Drew was just begging to do one today. I got out some fall colored paint and a couple old apples, and wa-la! ART!

Drew still loves games, although he hasn't spent as much time playing them lately. Yahtzee is his newest, and now even Reed is getting in on the action.

Uhhh...he was thirsty???

The boys and I had planned to head to Des Moines for the Race for Cure that was this morning. It's been an annual event for my mom's family, as we walk in memory of my grandmother. But due to the distance and the threat of rainshowers, and I'm working on a nasty cough right now, we decided to stay home. I rocked the pink today anyway, and thought of my grandma often.

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  1. Wow, what a fun week. How sweet of you to remember your grandmother!!

    Hope you are feeling better♥