Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Dr. Jeff, DDS

Another "first" for Drew yesterday morning...

His first visit to the dentist!

And let me say, Drew did marvelously! I couldn't have been more impressed with him. I was nervous, as I always am when I take Drew to experience something new, especially something new that may not be so much fun. He's usually shy and clingy and quietly difficult to handle when he doesn't want to do something he's unfamiliar with. And to be totally honest, I wasn't entirely sure what to expect. I didn't know what all they would do on his first visit, but I was as prepared as I could be for the certain tears and uncooperativeness.

Well, SURPRISE! All my worrying was totally unnecessary!

I had chosen a dental office here in town based on some recommendations from acquaintances, specifically because those that recommended these particular doctors said how great they are with kids. That would be the understatement of the year!

Stollers' Dentistry is a family business, comprised of Dad Dr. Stoller, Son #1 Dr. Stoller and Son #2 Dr. Stoller. Our dentist is Dr. Jeff, one of the sons. And eventhough we've only had one visit there, he not only gets five stars, but will be who I recommend to anyone who might ask for a dental referral. He.was.great! He immediately got Drew chatting and laughing, and pretty soon both myself and the hygienist were in on the giggles. He showed Drew all of his "cool" dental tools and let him ride up and down in the dental chair. In the end, Dr. Jeff knew about Drew's little brother, what he's going to be for Halloween, what school he goes to, and how many teeth Drew has.

A beautiful relationship has begun.

A sticker and a prize later, and the deal was sealed.

That Dr. Jeff, he's a pretty cool guy. Dare I say that going to the dentist is...(eek!)...fun?!?!

Now I just have my fingers crossed that next Monday goes as smoothly when we go back to get his teeth cleaned. You know, like they'll actually be fiddling with his mouth. Aye aye aye...

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  1. Didn't you know going to the dentist is always fun?? and a good experience???? So glad Drew had a great first time with his new dentist. and next Monday will go great as well. love you all Aunt Jeaneane