Thursday, October 21, 2010

Mixed Signals

I think I'm missing something.

Dropping Drew off at preschool the last few times has been a bit difficult. He was doing pretty well, adjusting to the idea that he stays and I go. He cried the first day, and he clung to me and said "no no no" on the second day. From then on, he's been reluctantly following me into his classroom, and then if one of his teachers isn't there to immediately distract him and take him to do something, he'll follow me (quietly) right out the door. Thankfully, he's easily distracted with whatever his teachers take him off to do, and I'm out the door.

Well, last Thursday, Tuesday, and then again today, not only am I pushing him into the room while he clings to my legs, hands, arm, and any other loose appendage, he starts to scream when I walk away.

By the way he acts, you'd think I was leaving him to fend for himself on a island with only carrot sticks to eat and grass to play with.

Really, Drew? Really??

He knows he'll have a good time. He always does.

He knows I'll be back to get him. I always am.

I was hoping that the longer he was in school, the easier dropping him off would be.

Assumption: Wrong!

What I know to be true, though, is that two seconds after I'm out the door, he's totally fine. His teachers at school tell me this, as do the people in the church nursery. Because he likes to scream in there, too.

His teachers at school have also told me that he's been doing great at school. Participating, doing all the stations, manners, everything. Today, Mrs. Cindy even said that Drew gets the "most improved" award.

Great news, right? Totally! Super proud mama moment, for sure.

However...what's with all the screaming, Drew?!?!

You obviously have a great time at school.

You are always super excited to show me what you made while you were at school.

You talk about Mrs. Bland and Mrs. Cindy all the time.


The screaming, dude? Totally unnecessary.

Please stop.


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