Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Celebrating Four

Drew woke up on his birthday and very excitedly proclaimed, "Am I four now?!?!"

Yes, Buddy. Yes you are.

To which he replied, "Mama! Next time on my birthday I'll be five!"

To which I said, "Are you trying to give your mother a heart attack?!?! Let's get through four first, okay?"

Brad's schedule was out of the ordinary that morning. He had already left the house by 6:30 to go to the hospital to be with someone having surgery, and he also had a funeral to officiate at 10:30 that morning. We were unsure if he'd have time in between so that Drew could open his presents. Thankfully, he did have a spare 30 minutes between the hospital and the funeral home, but he happened to come home as I was getting ready for the day. So present opening occurred in our bedroom, on our bed. {And yes, I did make my bed just before Drew got his gifts, and because there was still a towel wrapped around my head, I graciously offered to take the pictures instead of be in them.} :)

Cars game for his Leapster.

Monster Truck McQueen.

A new Bible.

Bullseye and Jessie.

Brad's parents arrived just after lunch, and spent 24 hours at our house before heading down to Florida for vacation. Presents, Round 2 occurred in the afternoon.

Hi-Ho Cherry-O game.

Toy Story KerPlunk game.

I love this picture...see how he's totally ripping through that package and tossing the clothes aside?? I don't think he even remembered that that shirt was a part of his present...

One tradition that I've carried over from my childhood is letting the birthday boy pick where he'd like to go out for dinner. Drew choose Culvers. A boy after my own heart.

After a delicious meal of Butterburgers and Grilled Cheese Sandwiches, we indulged in custard and cupcakes.
{This reminds me...Drew saw me start to make his cupcakes the night before. I told him I was making Toy Story cupcakes for his birthday and that he could see them in the morning. When he woke up, he asked if I had his Toy Story cake ready. I said, "Yeah buddy, I finished your cupcakes." He said, "No mom, my cake. Every birthday has a cake!" I think my little cupcake toppers convinced him that these would suffice.}

Singing to the birthday boy!

Blowing it out!

We wasted no time digging in!








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