Tuesday, January 25, 2011

The Day Before Four

{I want to back up a little bit with these posts recapping Drew's birthday extravaganza...but to begin, let me just say this: I'm exhausted. Turning four is a doozy for Mama!}


The teachers at preschool try to coordinate snack and show and tell day with the kids' birthdays, so on Tuesday the 25th, it was Drew's turn, in honor of his big day. I told Drew that he could pick what he wanted to bring for snack. He said M&Ms. I then told him that I have an image to uphold and that providing such a sugary unhealthy snack for a bunch of preschoolers would totally blow said image.

Okay, I didn't really tell Drew that, especially considering the handful of M&Ms he devoured later that day; but come on - you know I'd totally get labeled by all the other parents if I was the one that doped up their kids on sugary sweets.

I digress.

Anyway. A compromise was made and M&M cookies for snack at school it was! (Because somehow M&Ms baked in more sugar is soo much better.) :)

And after changing his mind two or three times, he settled on taking his three Dinoco cars with him for show and tell.

Drew tells me they didn't sing "Happy Birthday" to him. But he also tells me that he does "nothing" when he's at school. Ha.

The best part of the day was that Drew brought this home with him. I find it fantastic.

And it makes me smile.

A lot.

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