Sunday, January 16, 2011

Picture of the Day, Week 2

Sunday {1.9.11}
Sometimes we find things in the strangest places...

Monday {1.10.11}
Reed is really starting to become Mr. Independent. He's most recently taken command of his spoon, wanting to feed himself. When I try to take control, he pushes my hand away and very vehemently says "NO!"

Tuesday {1.11.11}
I spent last night in Reed's room, after he came down with a case of the 24-hour flu bug. Thankfully, the worst of it was over before we went to bed, and he slept soundly throughout the night.

Wednesday {1.12.11} & Thursday {1.13.11}
Our pictures for Wednesday and Thursday are just a bit too personal to share.
So, moving along....
(And nope, still not pregnant.)

Friday {1.14.11}
We did a little photo shoot this week of Drew and Buzz for his birthday party invitations. And not to be outdone, Reed jumped in for his turn when Drew was finished.

Saturday {1.15.11}
Our very good friends, the Vriezes, made the trek from Minnesota to Illinois yet again to spend the weekend with us. It's so much fun to see these four grow in their friendship with one another. Even though they don't see each other often, they remember each other and get along great. The house has been full of fun, laughter, silliness and n.o.i.s.e. all weekend long!


  1. Love the photos invitation idea, they look great. So cute when they want to feed themselves but quite messy at first.

  2. that photo sequence with Buzz is outstanding! I love it ;) Happy Project Life Week 2!