Sunday, January 30, 2011

Picture of the Day, Week 4

Sunday {1.23.11}
I am always tripping over toys on the kitchen floor. Apparently sitting on hard, ceramic tile is preferable to soft, comfy carpet. :) Today, it was a kitchen duel between Lotso's gang and the Heroes gang.

Monday {1.24.11}
Silly bands were one of the big fads of 2010, and the boys received their first sets from Grandma and Grandpa for Christmas. Drew isn't so much into them, but Reed can be found sporting them almost daily.

Tuesday {1.25.11}
It was Drew's turn for show & tell at school today, and after changing his mind a few times, he settled on taking his three Dinoco cars.

Wednesday {1.26.11}
Our little guy is four today! WHAT?!?!
Our day-long celebration concluded with dinner, cupcakes and custard at Culvers.

Thursday {1.27.11}
Grandma & Grandpa were in town to celebrate Drew's birthday with us, and then headed out today for their vacation in Florida. The boys always love having visits from their grandparents.

Friday {1.28.11}
A surprise visit to Build-a-Bear resulted in two new best friends - Buttercup and Bubba!

Saturday {1.29.11}
We had Drew's birthday party today. It was an awesome afternoon with great friends and a lot of Toy Story birthday fun!


  1. LOVE the picture of the toy story dual. Too cute! And happy birthday to your little man!

  2. I really enjoyed looking at your photos from last week, they are all so happy and fun!! Sending you smiles from Sunny South Africa :)

  3. eeeek I love the silly bands photo, that'll bring back so many memories when they are 33+ :) i love that. Happy Project Life Tuesday!

  4. I love coming here and seeing all your cute boy pictures. The first one is my favorite even though it's tough to pick just one. I wish my kids were that little now, seemed so much easier. Happy Birthday to your big boy and Toy story is the best. My kids loved their silly bandz too. Have a great week.

  5. Great pictures, I really like the one of the toys on the floor. I love that you got your camera to their level!! I'll have to try that one day. Thanks for the comment on my blog, the book is called "Expressive Photography, by the Shutter sisters" I haven't had a chance to have a good sit down with it, but from the glance, it looks very interesting!

  6. Awesome photos this week! I LOVE the one of the Toy Story game from the floor. Super cute vantage point. Right on their level. Adorable boys!

  7. Love the pictures of the toys on the floor and the silly band one. What a fun birthday! Super cute boys!