Sunday, January 9, 2011

Picture of the Day, Week 1 {Project Life 2011}

I am so excited to begin another year of Project Life. I just totally dig it. Totally believe in it. Totally think you should do it, too. (And I totally should be getting paid for all of this promoting!) ;)

I love Project Life by Becky Higgins

After taking a picture every day for an entire year, and preparing to do so again this year, I'm going to make a few adjustments to this year's album. On a very basic level, I won't be using Photoshop to add the day and date directly to my photos. The album/kit I'm using

(this beauty, a Christmas gift from my parents (thanks, mom & dad!)
product & photo courtesy of Becky Higgins)

includes day stickers and a date stamp. I've decided to save the time at the computer and use these kit components instead.

In terms of the photos you'll see this year - you'll still see us. And you'll definitely get more than your weekly dose of the boys! But my goal with this project this year is to specifically capture the details of our life right now. You'll still see people and special events and funny stories, but you'll also see the specifics of what life is like for us. Things like how much gasoline costs, or waiting in line to pick up Drew at preschool, or store marquees from where we shop. Things like that. Potentially boring things like that, but very important things to us, as again, these are the things that make up who we are and what we do and where we're at right now.

I also want to capture more of Brad this year. More photos from his perspective and his experiences and his routine, day in and day out. The stories I shared in 2010 were from my perspective, which includes being a wife and mother, which translates into a lot of sharing about the boys and housework. :/ I want to include more of Brad's stories this time around.

{Oh, and with that - I'm also setting out to actually learn how to use my camera! About dang time, huh?}

Just like last year, I'll post my pictures from the previous week on Sunday.

With no further ado...Welcome to Picture of the Day 2011, Week One!

Saturday {1.1.11}
After tucking the boys in at mom and dad's, Brad and I rang in the New Year with my brothers and their ladies. These people are awesome. I just love 'em so much!

Sunday {1.2.11}
I gave Brad a Kinect for XBox 360 for Christmas. The boys are already pretty into it...and Drew is sooo good at it already!

Monday {1.3.11}
One of those "I need to go check on the boys and see what they're doing" thoughts that was ignored. Both Brad and I were working on things in the living room as the boys were playing in the family room. Reed eventually made his way in to see us, bright orange dry erase marker in hand. As we retraced his steps, there wasn't anything that marker hadn't touched - kitchen floor, walls, toys, carpet, wood paneling, chair, couch, window, entertainment center, and there's probably more we haven't found yet. Thank goodness for washable dry erase markers!

Tuesday {1.4.11}
I mean, really, what is there to say???
I love these boys!

Wednesday {1.5.11}
Much to Drew's disapproval, it was time to take down Christmas. Drew wasn't ready for it to go; however, it took him an entire day to realize the tree was gone!

Thursday {1.6.11}
Much like my mom used to do each year, I always put the photos we received in holiday greeting cards on the freezer door. It's just really good to be surrounded by the faces of those that you love. {Don't see your picture??? You either didn't send us one :( or it's displayed in a more prominent place in our house. :)}
Sidenote: One of my craft projects for 2011 is to make new fridge magnets...has anyone seen any cute ideas/tutorials for such a thing? Please pass them along!

Friday {1.7.10}
Nowadays, the only way to get Drew to come with me to the store is to tell him he can look at "his cars" while we're there. He has to look at, but thankfully he'll exit the aisle without too much of a fuss. Today he was still in a bit of "holiday mode" as he kept asking to put several cars on his Christmas list. :)

Saturday {1.8.10}
Brown sugar and cinnamon poptarts for breakfast is the norm for the the boys (including Brad). Occasionally pancakes or cereal, but usually it's the poptarts.


  1. My Christmas picture/card to you is in the mail! least it will be in the morning when I take it out to the mailbox. :)

  2. Like the photos on the fridge. It's a great idea. As for magnets, I made some pebble magnets which you can check out on my blog.

  3. Dude, that's a lot of Christmas Decor! Your boys are so cute. I love that you'll be capturing life. Happy Project Life Tuesday!

  4. Happy New Year, so glad to see your doing it again. I missed checking on your blog part of last year, our computer has been giving us trouble for months. Your boys are as cute as ever. My kids eat those poptarts too almost daily, they like them out of the wrapper and not toasted. I like all your ideas for the PL this year. This year mine will be a different too, giving the kids their own weeks to do and adding more real life (paper stuff)to it. Have a good week.