Saturday, January 1, 2011

Some Things for 2011

"Things" because to say "resolutions" only implies failure.

And not "goals" because I hope these things become a part of who we are, as a family.

I've been thinking about life lately. (Deep, huh?) And about our family of four. And about our little boys who are growing and exploring and learning everyday. And about what I want our home, and our life, to be like.

I've made some decisions. Come up with some ideas and plans and, oh okay, GOALS, for the New Year.

1) Continue with Project Life for 2011. That is, taking a picture a day for the entire year. I found doing this project in 2010 so rewarding - and discovered several little treasures along the way.

2) Have fun. We are anticipating some new challenges and change in the coming year, and with that comes the potential for stress and anxiety. So, being intentional about having fun is going to be a priority. Connecting as a family, doing things together, being silly, telling stories - whatever. Just being us. Together.

3) Begin doing memory verses with the boys. I think that many people assume that because Brad's a pastor and I'm, well, his wife, homeschooling our children spiritually would come easy. It doesn't. Thanks to my friend Missy for her inspiration and recommendations, we'll be diving in soon with weekly scripture verses and lessons and fun.

4) I really want to continue with the "action" portion of our Advent activities from last month. I'm not sure yet what this will look like or who/when/where/what it will include, but it's important. And we need to continue to be intentional about it.

In a nutshell, I want to continue to create a home filled with love, wonder, celebration, and overall awesomeness.

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