Sunday, January 2, 2011

Scenes from a Van

We were on the road from Christmas Day until New Years Day, making the rounds to Pella and Mankato to celebrate the holidays with our families.

It was a wonderful week.

Really, really wonderful. {And I'll be catching up on those posts soon. Or soon enough. Or someday.}

We left around 10am on New Years Day to head back home. Eight hours in a van is a long time.

What do you do for eight hours in a van, you ask?

Amuse small children with toys.

Hide our face and cover our ears so we don't have to see or hear the "scary parts" in the movies (I assure you, he's watching children's movies!).

Take off our shoes and socks.

We are fully caffeinated.

We snack.

Putting the final study and prep in for Sunday's sermon.

We run out of snow.

We sit. And drive. And drive. And drive. And drive.

We finally cross the border.

And rely on the Imagination Movers to entertain us for the final stretch.

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