Monday, May 2, 2011

Report Card Time!

Brad and I experienced one of our "firsts" of parenting last Tuesday when we met with Mrs. Bland for our first parent/teacher conference. While I always receive a good report ("Drew had a great day!") when I pick him up from school, it was nice to be able to sit with his teacher to learn more about the specifics of his day, what he does in class, and the new things he learning.

His first report card. :)

We were also shown a few samples of his work, showing his progress with some of the objectives with the three-year-old class. One was a piece of construction paper he had cut into a circle, to show us his progress with scissors. And on that circle he had written his name, which looked great. Then Mrs. Bland showed us these; progressive self-portraits Drew had drawn in October, January, and then in March.

I found these hilarious! Apparently Drew gained a little weight in January and then lost it again in March! :)

Mrs. Bland commented that Drew is the perfect example of why kids should go to preschool. He's gone from a quiet wallflower to a social butterfly. A recent trend I've noticed when I drop him off is that many of his classmates say "Hi Drew!" when they see him. I love that. He's simply blossoming at school.


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