Thursday, December 8, 2011

Advent Action {Week 1}

We have one week of Advent under our belt.  One week closer to Christmas, and one week of Advent action behind us.

Each day, as well pull an ornament off the tree, counting one day closer to Christmas, the boys are given an activity to accomplish sometime during the day.  The activities range from traditional Christmas fun to family togetherness to, most importantly, some kind of service-oriented task.  Most of our activities are repeats from last year, with a few new additions here and there.

Here's how we've been counting to Christmas this last week...

24 Days til Christmas: Decorate the tree

23 Days til Christmas: Write letters to Santa
 {We had a super busy Friday, with all of us jetting off in different directions, so we put off this one until Saturday}

22 Days til Christmas: Write letters & color pictures for Jairo (our Compassion child)

21 Days til Christmas: Sing in the Christmas program
{I'll write about this soon!}

20 Days til Christmas: Watch a Christmas movie
{Timed perfectly to coincide with ABC's premiere of Prep & Landing: Naughty vs. Nice.  We of course watched the original first, as well as A Charlie Brown Christmas.}

19 Days til Christmas: Send holiday cards to our troops

18 Days til Christmas: Buy a gift for the sharing tree
Last year, a few of our activities flopped.  There was bound to be one this year.  I had wanted the boys to pull a card off of our area's Sharing Tree to pick out a gift to purchase for a child in need.  When I began shuffling through the cards, I found ones only for adults.  Granted, we still could have taken one, but I decided to pass on this idea and instead, we'll donate to Toys for Tots.  I think my kids will be more in tune to giving a gift to child rather than an adult, so we'll add that in sometime before Christmas.

Only 17 days to go!

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