Saturday, December 17, 2011

The Best Way to Spread Christmas Cheer... singing loud for all to hear!

So says Buddy in the movie Elf.

So says Drew?

Kind of.

A rite of passage for our preschooler has been participating in his first Christmas programs; one at church, and the other at school.  And in case you haven't really caught on yet...standing on display in front of large crowds isn't exactly Drew's "thing."  If he had a "thing," it would be making himself appear as small as possible so that he wouldn't be seen and forced to participate in such a spectacle.  BUT Drew is also a very good kid (most of the time) and I think he knew, deep down, that he'd have a good time.

Or not.

Our church's Christmas program was on Sunday, December 4.  The preschoolers joined all the Sunday school kids in the processional as they sang Oh Come, All Ye Faithful.    Shortly after, they sang Away in a Manger, and then the preschoolers had a seat for the majority of the program.  Near the end, they made their way back to the stage to close the show with Go Tell It on the Mountain and We Wish You a Merry Christmas.

Drew's actual vocal participation was at a low, but to his credit, it's his first program.  And oh, there was a particular halo-throwing incident that involved one little boy tossing his, followed by a chain reaction of three or four other kids doing the same.  Drew was tempted...but stayed firm!  

{Drew is in the front on the right.}

I have a very distinct memory of wearing this exact same thing when I was in the church Christmas program as a preschooler.  It was fun to see Drew wearing it, too. :) 

Drew also had a school Christmas program this past Wednesday, the 14th.

And let's just say, our kiddo kicked it up a notch.

His school program included several kids (four classes) and tons of songs!  And although Drew didn't sing every single word, he participated in all of them (with singing and actions) and he looked genuinely excited to be doing it!  It was to watch and listen, and see our little man work out some of his timidity and nerves.

{Drew is in the top row, third from the left.}

Afterwards, there was a time of fellowship with cookies and gifts.  Each class had decorated a tree with ornaments, and within each one was a slip of paper with the students' gifts to Jesus written on it.  Drew's gift?  A Toy Story puzzle.  But not a very hard one, says Drew, because he's just a baby.

Drew also gave us a gift he'd been working on at school (a Christmas decoration with lots of snowflakes and gitter with his picture inside), and he also received a gift (an ornament) from his teachers.

Man, who doesn't love a good school Christmas program?!  I know I do!

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