Sunday, December 25, 2011

Picture of the Day, Week 51

 Sunday {12.18.11}
Today's Advent activity was making gingerbread houses.  Just like last year, it was one of our best "family togetherness" activities of the season.  From left: Reed's, Mom's, Dad's, and Drew's.  

 Monday {12.19.11}
Mr. Independent. (And so handsome, too.)
When I prompted the boys to head upstairs to get dressed for the day, Drew raced up there on his own, declaring, "I'll get dressed all by myself!"  I waited downstairs to see if he'd call for help, when he appeared at the top of the steps, stripped down to his 'roos, asking me if he could wear the t-shirt he was holding in his hand.  I said sure, so long as he put a sweatshirt over it.  I went upstairs, then, to observe.  He proceeded to dress himself, picking out his pants (asking me first if they matched), pulling on his socks, and zipping up his sweatshirt.  If only I got this much cooperation every day of the week!

 Tuesday {12.20.11}
My dad celebrated his 62nd birthday today.  He needed a little extra oomph to get all those candles blown out!

 Wednesday {12.21.11}
I met up with a friend of mine and her two kids at the mall for a playdate.  There is a fun little activity/jungle gym area there that was pretty cool for the kids to play at.  At one point, Drew plopped himself down on the bear and said, "Mom take my picture."  I was happy to oblige.

 Thursday {12.22.11}
Reed is just itching to be able to play games like Drew does.  Brad has started giving him a few pointers on how to use the mouse.  Minus the whole incessant clicking, Reed's getting the hang of it!

 Friday {12.23.11}
We celebrated our family Christmas this morning.  Dontcha just love this picture?!?!  I guess forced smiles is as good as I'll ever get if I want a Christmas photo before we open gifts.  They were so excited to get their presents; don't let their lack of enthusiasm here fool you.
{We also celebrated Christmas tonight with my side of the family.  This is another reason while I'm going to be doing "Pictures of the Week" in 2012, instead of Picture of the Day.  Some days, there is just too much going on to choose one photo.}

Saturday {12.24.11}
Bingo's last day with us found him perched on the boys' dresser, complete with a good-bye note.  We've had a lot of fun this year with our Elf on the Shelf, although I think it's been more fun for me than for the boys. :)

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