Sunday, December 4, 2011

Picture of the Day, Weeks 47 & 48

Sunday {11.20.11}
We were thrilled to be able to attend Avery's 5th birthday party today.  This is one of the reasons it feels so good to be home.

Monday {11.21.11}
The boys made their Thanksgiving preparations today - Pilgrim hat cookies made from fudge stripe cookies and peanut butter cups, and turkey cookies, made from oreos, mini nutter butters and candy corn.

Tuesday {11.22.11}
We headed south today to take advantage of a long Thanksgiving vacation.  First stop: Hoover High School in Des Moines, where we met up with Brad's parents and sister, to see our niece, Janae, play varsity basketball.  

Wednesday {11.23.11}
Drew and his cousin, Lewis.  
They share the same birthday.
And a love for video games.
Two peas in a pod. 

 Thursday {11.24.11}
Thanksgiving Day.
We celebrated the holiday today with the Vander Waals, at Glenda & Rob's house.  This is the usual post-turkey football-watching ad-browsing haze we all seem to go into after lunch.

Later that night, Brad and I did do a little Black Friday shopping.  Not much; just enough to keep us out until 1am.  I had intended on snapping a picture for Friday's photo while we were out and about, but it just wasn't on my mind, so instead I'm using two photos for Thursday.
This was the post-turkey-haze family football game in the backyard.  It was pretty fun, minus the football to the face that Drew took.  Ouch!

Saturday {11.26.11}
Thanksgiving with the Gushee's at Bon & Mike's house.  This is typical...full seats in the kitchen, as well as in the living room, enjoying each other's company.  *LOVE*

Sunday {11.27.11}
We are starting a new tradition with the grandkids this Christmas - drawing each other's names to see who they will give a gift to this year.  It is a tradition my brothers and I had with our cousins, and I'm excited to see it continue with our kids.
{The boys in line waiting to draw a name out of Papa's hat.}

Monday {11.28.11}
And another new tradition: our own Elf on the Shelf.  We started it off with a bang, as our new elf introduced himself this morning by bringing us a North Pole breakfast.  Read more about our new elf friend HERE.

Tuesday {11.29.11}
His future's so bright....he's gotta wear shades.
Or not, really, because he got all stinky-faced on me and didn't want me to take his picture.

Wednesday {11.30.11}
We had a little incident today.  Read more about the Great Donut Caper HERE.

Thursday {12.1.11}
We finally were able to set up the Christmas tree tonight.  Not sure if I've mentioned this yet...I heart Christmas. :)

Friday {12.2.11}
Papa treated us to Culver's tonight, for no special reason at all, which just happens to be my favorite reason to go there!

Saturday {12.3.11}
Mom, Dad, and I headed up to the Cities today to see Perry in his acting debut.  He portrayed Hogney Dangerfield in the play "KPIG-TV."  He did awesome!  Way to go, Perry!

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