Friday, December 30, 2011

The Clifton Christmas

After a day already filled with family, new gifts, and play, we welcomed the rest of the Clifton family Friday night (the 23rd) as we celebrated the holiday together.  Justin, Mindy and Perry arrived around 4:30, as did Ashley, Avery and Addy.  We chatted and snacked until Jeremy got off work at 6:00 to join us for dinner and presents.  Once everyone was together, we partied!

 Snuggles (or giggles???) with Uncle Justin.

 First, stockings. {Yep, my mother made them.  Because she's awesome.}

Puzzles, card games, coloring books, candy, Cars cars and new toothbrushes were all hiding inside.

 Then it was time for gifts!  The little guys helped pass them out, and then we tried opening gifts one at a time.  It actually went pretty well, as each child was somewhat patient for their turn as the others were opening.  It meant for a lot of movement around the room as all the boys followed from one gift to another to another, but it also meant that everyone was able to see what everyone else had received.

 Reed opening a new car rug from Perry.

 Drew received a Lightening McQueen Learn & Go handheld computer from Avery.

 For Reed: Woody from Grammy & Papa.

 For Drew: the World Grand Prix GeoTrax set.

 The boys got a few other gifts from Grammy & Papa as well, but the highlight for Reed was his new sleeping bag.  He and Addy had quite the time with it.

They took turns tucking each other in, rolling around it in, and giggling all the while.

And that Addy girl.  She's getting so big!

Fun, fun, fun with family...but the time together was much too short!  

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