Sunday, December 18, 2011

Picture of the Day, Week 50

 Sunday {12.11.11}
A visit to Santa Claus and Tilly, one of his reindeer, at C&S Supply.

Monday {12.12.11}
Our Christmas card to family and friends, placed in the mail today.

 Tuesday {12.13.11}
I don't know about you, but I'd call on the services of this fix-it man every.single.time.

 Wednesday {12.14.11}
Drew's last day of school before Christmas break found him and his classmates performing their Christmas program.  Drew did awesome!

 Thursday {12.15.11}
Baking, round 1: making cut-out cookies!

 Friday {12.16.11}
Baking, round 2: frosting cut-out cookies!  
(Of note, I am not a cool enough mom for this.  Now that Reed is all hands-on and able to participate, it's a whole new ball game.  He doesn't have the "particularness" that Drew has, so needless to say there were sprinkles everywhere.  Everywhere.  Oh, but the best part of the day: it was a pajama day!  YAY!)

 Saturday {12.17.11}
During quiet time today, Drew discovered my old lite bright.  We should've gotten this out a loooooonng time ago!  His monologue went a little like this: "Mom, this is awesome!  I'm so good at this!  I could do this all day!"  Well, you go right on ahead, little man. :)

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