Thursday, December 15, 2011

Advent Action {Week 2}

{You can read about Week 1 HERE.}

17 Days til Christmas: Call 3 people and tell them you love them

Drew chose to call Daddy (he was out of town for much of last week), Papa (he was on a bus trip), and Grandma.

16 Days til Christmas: Make a Christmas craft

I had seen this craft idea last year, and while it was perfect for Drew this year, it was a bit difficult for Reed.  {I have a tendency to make things too complicated for my kids when it comes to art projects....sometimes I forget they are a bit young yet.}  Regardless, they both enjoyed it and the outcome was great!

15 Days til Christmas: Put money in the red Salvation Army buckets

We ran a couple errands this morning...but had to make a special stop at Hobby Lobby to put money in the red bucket.  What's with Target not having one?!?  Hello!  Anyway... a super simple and easy way to teach generosity and compassion to our children.

14 Days til Christmas: Go visit Santa

C&S Supply was hosting Santa and Tilly, one of his reindeer, on Sunday afternoon.  Dad, Mindy and Perry went along with the boys and I to pay them a visit.  We saw Tilly right away...

{we were informed she is still in training (she doesn't know how to fly yet) and she was sent to see us because the other reindeer were practicing for the big night}

...but Santa was no where to be found.  Upon inquiring, we learned that he had left for another event.  What???  Um, okay.  That's sketchy.  Way to disappoint, Santa Claus.  We had just gotten loaded back up in the van when we saw Santa pull up... his SUV?!?!
Super sketchy to small children.  Which prompted some serious questions from the 7- and 4-year-old in the van!  Namely, "What is Santa doing in a car?  I thought he had a sleigh???"  Gee, thanks, very careless and sketchy Santa Claus.

After some careful redirecting of small children and their very intuitive questions, we unloaded from the van, again, ... smile with the big guy.
{And yes, a mom's gotta do what a mom's gotta do to get her kids to come within 5 feet of Santa Claus!}

13 Days til Christmas: Make gifts for our teachers

I saw this idea for Reindeer Noses HERE and found it so cute that I wanted to replicate it for teacher gifts this year.  The beauty of it is that it's funny AND easy so that Drew can participate in assembling them.

After going back and forth on what I was going to use for the eight brown noses and the one red nose, I settled on small, red bulb ornaments for Rudoph's nose and large malted milk balls for the others.

 Drew put the appropriate amount of each into each bucket (he had five to make: three preschool teachers and two Sunday school teachers)...

 and then I had to bling them up a bit.  Of course. :)

I hope Drew's teachers find them as cute as I did. 

12 Days til Christmas: Family game night

This is one of those activities that is intended to promote family togetherness and fun, but when the night ends early because the boys aren't listening and are sent to bed 30 minutes before their normal bedtime...kinda takes the "fun" right out of it.  BUT, up until that point, we played this game (thanks for the reminder, Missy!) as well as a couple board games.  Games are one of the boys' favorite things, and when candy is involved...well, they're one of my favorite things, too. :)

11 Days til Christmas: Donate toys to Toys for Tots

Another simple exercise in giving.  Knowing I had to run out to Walmart today, I took Drew along with me so that he could put a couple toys into the Toys for Tots box.  We donated two games that I purchased sometime in the last year when they've been super cheap with great coupon deals.  It seems as though something is beginning to click with Drew about how there are kids in the world who don't have all that we have...although that didn't keep him from thinking he needed one of the games we were donating. :/ Ah well.  Baby steps. 

10 days to go!

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