Sunday, December 11, 2011

Picture of the Day, Week 49

 Sunday {12.4.11}
Drew's very first Christmas program.  Our little angel...awwwww.  At least for that hour, anyway. :)

 Monday {12.5.11}
Relaxing on the couch as we watch some Christmas movies before bed.

 Tuesday {12.6.11}
For some reason, the boys find the stairs to be the most entertaining place to play.  It's all fun and games, boys, until someone breaks a neck...  But do I remove them from the stairs?  Nah.  I just snap some pictures while repeating, "Don't fall...".  Quality parenting, I tell ya.

 Wednesday {12.7.11}
The boys are still enjoying Bingo, our Elf on the Shelf.  Bingo hasn't exactly proven to be effective in the promoting-positive-change-in-behavior department, but he certainly is having a good time.  Bingo got himself into a little more mischief than usual last night, replacing our stockings with the boys' underwear and diapers.

Thursday (12.8.11}
Occasionally, we still struggle with Reed staying in bed at quiet time and at bed time.  Today was an unusually long battle that ended with Reed requesting to sleep in Addy's bed.  Banishing himself behind bars worked for me...and for him!

Friday {12.9.11}
Brad's been out of town since Wednesday, and he spent much of this afternoon/evening with some friends of ours.  I told him to text me a picture so I could see everyone.  He sent me this.  It made my  heart happy.

Saturday {12.10.11}
Justin, Mindy and Perry came down to Mom and Dad's for the weekend and I was able to shoot a few pictures of the three of them to use in their Christmas card.  I'll use one for today's POTD, but I don't want to publish one and ruin their Christmas greetings to our family.   

Only three more weeks in 2011!  What?!?! 

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