Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Being Brothers {A Photobook}

When I received an email from Shutterfly with a promo code for a free photobook, I knew just what I wanted to create.  I wanted to make a keepsake for the boys, documenting their relationship for the last three years.  {Granted, there's only one copy...so for now the book will serve as a lesson in sharing.} :)  After I searched through three years of photos, and created a new folder with 377 pictures of the two boys together, I had my work cut out for me to narrow it down to a select handful that would fit into the photobook.

I'm super stoked with the results...and Shutterfly allows users to share on their blogs, so I thought I'd give everyone a peek inside.  I hope you enjoy looking back on these brothers as much as I have.


Note: Please don't point out the typos.  I already know, and being as it has already been sent to the printer, there's nothing I can do about it.  My perfectionism has already been told to take a back seat and get over it.  Thank you. :)

{Click on the full screen option below to get a better view.}

The new way to make a photo album: photo books by Shutterfly.

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