Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Project Life {Week 12}

Well, I guess I'd better get on this before it's time to post week 13.  I get so distracted when the boys aren't here!  

This week I wanted to really focus on our daily routine.  For the past couple weeks, I've been trying to really observe the dailiness of our lives and capture with the camera some of our everyday routine.  It was a lot harder than I thought!  Our routine is so, well, routine, that I had a hard time making taking pictures a part of it!  I did really good in the morning, and then by lunch, I would've forgotten all about my camera.  So what I tried to do in a couple days, really got accomplished over a few weeks.

And as I was putting this week's photos together, I was struck by how much of our routine is really quite different than it was before we moved last August.  Things are definitely different, there's no question there, and having more adult hands around the house has certainly changed a lot of the what/when/how of our previous routine (namely, caring for the house and caring for the kids).  And now I wish that I would've documented more closely our "old" routine in our previous albums.

So this week is a fairly general overview of how our days usually look, with a few more meaningful stories tucked in there as well.  When I was finished with the layout, I realized how much of it focuses on the boys.  Obviously, they're the center of our world and require the most attention, so maybe in a few more weeks I'll use another week to record mine and Brad's daily routine.

So, here's what Week 12, and our daily routine, look like.

 7:00am - The boys are usually up sometime around 7, and we promptly snuggle while catching whatever is on either Disney or Nick Jr.  Sometime between 7:30 & 8 we have breakfast.

 I'll include some journaling about how Brad and I make the mornings work between the two of us showering, etc and getting the boys ready.

 9:00am on M/W/F (school days) - I take Drew to school, and we almost always meet up with Jeremy, Avery and Addy in the parking lot.

 From 9-11:30 while Drew is at school, we have a fairly common routine.  I try to escape on my own once a week to run errands while Brad and Reed play at home.  Reed's day can really be complete by saying he plays all day.  Truly.  What else does a 3-year-old do?!?  Brad spends quite a bit of time online, primarily job hunting/networking/etc but also reading the news and catching golf scores.

 On Tuesday/Thursday/Saturday when there is no school, the boys are becoming quite content on playing together on their own.  They occasionally find our bed the best place to catch up on their reading. :)

 11:45ish - lunch.  This is pretty typical fare.

12:30ish - Quiet time.  No photos for this but I'll journal about our regular pre-quiet time book reading,  then Reed's in bed to nap and Drew's on his own to do something quietly.

3:00 - Afternoon snack.  Again, no photo, but a journal card about our usual snack options, before we turn the Electric Company on at 3:30.

 4:00pm - Our current time for video games.  I'd like to move it back to 5:00 now that warmer weather is here so we can be outside after naps and before dinner.  But I need to choose the right day to have that discussion with the boys.  :)

5:30ish - Dinner.  I'll be taking a photo this week to fill in for here.

6:10pm - One of the small stories I want to include is how we watch the stock market arrows on our local news while we're eating dinner.  It's something the boys started noticing shortly after we moved in with Mom and Dad, and it's become quite the little tradition to see how the markets of our favorite companies did each day.

7:00pm - Baths every other night (I also have yet to take a picture to fill in here).

7:30pm - A journal card about our bedtime routine: potty, brush teeth, read books, say prayers, good night, I love you, lights out by 8:00!

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