Tuesday, March 6, 2012

It's Beginning to Look a Lot Like...

{But now that I have that yuletide carol stuck in your head, it's doesn't feel so much like spring anymore, does it?  Sorry about that.}

Mother Nature played a wonderfully nasty trick on us today.  Well, she's been playing tricks on us all winter season, but as the mercury reached 63 degrees for us today, we certainly played like spring was upon us!  When we saw the forecast a couple days ago, and learned that today was going to be as nice as it turned out to be, I told Brad we were going to spend as much time outside as possible.  We're all feeling a bit cooped up and it's time to take the noise outside!

Out of fear this nice weather won't last long (and it won't...the rest of the week's weather will still be bearable but not as wonderful as today) we covered a good number of outdoor activities in just a few hours today.

We biked 

and big wheeled

 up and down the street.  A couple times.

We shot some hoops

 and practiced our jump shot.

 We practiced our tee shot

and homerun hitting.

Learned a thing or two about frisbee

 and rolled in the dirt.

 We jumped for joy

 and then was out cold in two seconds because 1) we didn't take a nap and 2) further exhausted ourselves when we threw a tantrum because we got games taken away for the mayhem we created while we should have been taking a nap.  I only wish that by "we" I meant me.  I could've used a nap today myself.

 And why not top off this faux spring day by grilling?


It was a good, good day.
Minus the whole lack-of-nap-tantrum-throwing incident.  Yep.  Definitely minus that.

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