Wednesday, March 7, 2012

When Imaginary Monsters Go Bad

We've had an occasional visitor the last couple weeks.  He comes for a brief moment, and then doesn't reappear for several days.

He comes to see Reed.  To talk to Reed.  And have Reed talk about him.

He's Reed's friend.

And he's a monster.

His name?  "Monster."  Very appropriate.

He's red, we are told.

And sleeps under the dining room table.

He doesn't do much.  Just lays there, really.  I guess he does jump into Dad's chair on occasion.

He's quiet.  Doesn't cause any commotion.  He's quite the pleasant visitor.

Until early this morning.

Reed had a dream about a red monster -  a very unwelcome red monster, apparently.

Reed was crying for "Mommy" around 5:00 this morning, and when I appeared at his bedside, he was still half-asleep.  He very clearly told me, however, that I needed to make.Elmo.stop.

I have a feeling any and all red monsters have hereandforevermore been banished from the imaginative meanderings of Reed.

{Flashback to Drew's first, and only, imaginary friend "But(t)" HERE.}

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