Sunday, March 4, 2012

Project Life {Week 9}

This week is light on pictures, but I have plans to include a lot of "extras" and journaling in our album.

I included a photo back in Week 2 of Avery and Drew reenacting a Tupperware Party.  Avery has gone to a few with his mom, and my mom and I have gone to a couple.  There was another one Monday night and Mom and I went again, and brought Drew along so that he could see exactly what all the fuss was about.  He was excited that Avery was there, but he lost interest pretty quickly as listening to a lady talk about plastic containers isn't exactly on the "it" list for 5-year-old entertainment.   But his number did get drawn and he did win a prize, so he might tell you it was an okay time. {I'll also be including a clipping from the catalog of what I purchased.}

 Happy Birthday, Dr. Suess!
Drew's class celebrated the author's birthday this week, beginning on Monday with The Cat in the Hat.

 My Angry (???) Birds
{free tutorial and pattern for masks found HERE}

 A surprise for bath night...glow sticks!

 A common trend this week: a lot of playdoh a lot of the time.
{While the kids were playing at this table, I had a flashback to a photo I knew my parents have of Justin and I sitting at this same table when we were kids.  I went on a mad hunt to find it, and did, but now can't get our scanner to work to share it here.  The greatest thing about the old photo (besides the insanely cute kids sitting at it) that I didn't remember?  We, too, are playing with playdoh!  When I do get our scanner problem fixed, I'm going to include the old photo alongside this one in our album as a fun flashback/comparison photo.}

I'll also be including a list of Oscar winners from Sunday night's award show,
quick journaling about the season finale of my favorite show (Parenthood) which aired this week, and some art by Drew.

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