Saturday, April 10, 2010

13 Months Old

Reed has the right idea...he's one year and one month old today! YAY!

We are still patiently waiting for Reed's legs to decide they are strong enough to walk. I realize it's a whole new ballgame once he gets his walking legs, but my back could sure use a rest from toting around 26 pounds of baby! He's still pretty wobbly when he walks holding onto our hands, but when he's pushing one of his many toys around, he's cruisin' at full speed!

Update: 45 minutes after publishing this post, Reed took three unprompted, unassisted steps! WOW!

He is beginning to interact more with his toys, and is slowly becoming more independent, spending little bits of time alone, quietly playing. Reed's favorite toys, of course, are those he's not supposed to have (cell phones, the buttons on the stereo, etc.). He's making more and more verbal noises and gestures, and is beginning to understand a few simple words and phrases.

Reed's appetite is huge. I'm not so sure he has a "full" button! :) He enjoys almost anything, and especially loves vegetables and pancakes (although not necessarily together!). He's tolerating 2% milk much better than he was the whole milk, and can guzzle it much like Drew can.

Milestones this month include being able to go down the stairs backward and playing a rousing game of peek-a-boo.

Just look at him G.R.O.W!

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