Saturday, April 3, 2010

Green Eggs & Ham

Drew spent about an hour today dyeing and decorating eggs, getting ready for the Easter Bunny to visit our house (I wish it only took me an hour to prepare for any kind of company!). I inadvertently picked up the dye kit that only had three colors in it (last year I picked up one that had 12 or 14 or some other ridiculous amount of colors in it) and I admit that I was a bit disappointed when I realized it. I like color. Color is good. But then I realized how much less work only three colors are! And I was good. :)

Drew "colored" on the eggs with the magic crayon, then dropped them in to each color cup. And no broken shells during this entire process (very impressive). Until (you had to see it coming) he dropped a couple on the floor while he was putting on the stickers.

Ah well. I don't think the Bunny will mind.

Some of the coolest things happen by accident. As we were cleaning up, I poured the yellow dye into the blue cup, and as you know, yellow and blue make green! So a fourth color was happily added to our color scheme. (Oh, and the ham?? Tomorrow for lunch, of course!) :)

Happy Easter!

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  1. And you probably could have made purple from the pink and blue! :)