Sunday, April 4, 2010

Picture of the Day, Week 13

Today was the first day Drew sat through Sunday School without me having to sit with him. When I went to pick him up, he handed me this...a flower (to remind us of new life in Jesus) made from his handprint. Definitely a keeper!

Brad doing our taxes. But this picture really represents so much more. It is a picture of thankfulness: I'm thankful that Brad works so hard so that I can be a stay-at-home mom to our two boys. Probably the most cherished gift he's given to me.

I am not normally a "spring cleaner." I like clean, I need clean, I do clean. But deep, deep spring cleaning hasn't been high on my priority list ever since I became a mom. But our house is definitely beginning to show the wear and tear of two little boys. So today began my season-long affair with Mr. Clean.

While I was cleaning up the kitchen after dinner tonight, Brad took the boys outside to play. I sneaked this picture from the living room window. A precious portrait of a father and his sons.

My grocery shopping buddies. (Reed fell asleep in the cart about two minutes after this picture was taken!)

Both boys enjoying the swings, the fresh air, and the beautiful weather at Mineral Springs Park.

Getting ready for Easter!


  1. What wonderful photos! Your boys are adorable!!

  2. That is a really good picture of your boys in the cart.

  3. What fun photos you have. Love seeing your cute boys. The grocery cart one is precious. I like that you took one about cleaning and what you used, I'm going to borrow that idea. Thanks for sharing and have a good week.

  4. I love your pictures! I'm going to have to copy that one of the shadows and swings. Love it! Thanks for stopping by my blog...