Sunday, April 4, 2010

Happy Hunting!

Several people asked me at church this morning if the Easter Bunny came to visit our house.

My reply: "He's coming during the Sunday school hour."

With Brad up and out the door by 6:30 for the Easter sunrise service, I don't want to do baskets or eggs until he can be there to enjoy it with us. So we wait, and the Easter Bunny visits while we are at church.

That Bunny is so accommodating like that. (And for the record, so is Santa Claus.) :)

As far as family traditions go, they're pretty important to me. It's fun coming up with new ideas and fun things that define "us" as a family at specific holidays and at birthdays. There are traditions I grew up with, and traditions Brad experienced, and it's exciting for me as a parent to create those things that our kids will look back at fondly when they are adults.

But Easter. It's a tough one. It's not as commercialized as Christmas (although it's creeping slowly closer). Elaborate decorations and gifts aren't traditional (at least not for us). But considering it is the most important day on the historical and Christian calendar, it's a pretty big deal.

And really, that's the most important thing. That we teach our boys the importance of this day. That this day means more than chocolate bunnies and egg hunts. That they learn, on this day, Christ was risen. He died. For them. And then he conquered death. For them. So that they, too, can live forever with Him.

So I've struggled this year...with creating traditions and activities for this holiday.

And I know I've failed.

I've bought into the "need" that the boys should get baskets full of toys and "stuff". (Which is weird because both Brad and I got candy as kids. No toys. No gimmicks. Just candy. But really not so weird when you think about the world we live in today...and my apparent insecurity as a mother that my children will love me more if I do things like this. hmmm...) Don't get me wrong, I don't think there's anything wrong with baskets of toys and candy, but, just like Christmas, that's not what Easter is about. And I like the Easter bunny. And egg hunts. And baskets full of candy. It's fun for the boys (and for me), and it's tradition.

And ultimately, it's what they ended up with this year.

But I have to work on creating something more for this holiday. Something more meaningful than a mouth-full of Starburst JellyBeans.

Okay. Stepping off my soapbox (of sorts). I'm a bit conflicted as I reflect on today. Just some things I'm thinking about as I type. Please excuse me. :)

So...Easter traditions. I'll always do some kind of baskets for the boys, and an egg hunt. They're fun and, for the most part, harmless. But what to do with the baskets? I remember when I was a kid, my parents hid the baskets somewhere in the house and we had to search to find them. My grandparents did the same thing. Drew is beginning to reach the age when he could search and search to find his. Maybe next year, when Reed's a bit older, we'll try that. So for this year, when the Bunny came to visit during the Sunday school hour, he dropped the boys' baskets off by the patio door, and hid some eggs in the backyard. In Drew's basket, he found a new movie (Disney's Bolt), a sticker/activity book, and a VeggieTales candy book. Reed received a MegaBlok tractor, a package of new pacifiers, and his own VeggieTales candy book. And, of course, eggs scattered throughout the backyard full of chocolate, chocolate, and more chocolate!

As a bonus, I also cooked an Easter lunch. *shocker* I know. Ham, mashed potatoes and gravy, green beans, and rolls.

Drew was quick to point out that I forgot the pie.

And I continue to burst his "my mom is perfect!" bubble.

"What's that?!?!" Drew said when he finally saw the baskets outside the patio door.

Reed was good with the pacis. He would have be content with only those.

The hunt begins!

Drew was very helpful with Reed, giving him eggs and holding the basket while Reed dropped them in.

Reed caught on to this hunting thing pretty quickly.

Would've been nice if that Bunny would've moved that downspout out of the way.


Shake, shake, shake.

Love this picture.

This picture might be my favorite. Drew running through the yard as he spies more eggs.

So helpful.


And still more.

In his Baby Gap best (thanks Aunt Esther, and for Drew's outfit, too!).

Their basket is about to overflow.


Drew spent about 5 minutes opening all the eggs to see what was inside...

...while Reed was looking for any hidden treasures that might lay beneath that Easter grass.

The aftermath.

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