Sunday, April 25, 2010

Picture of the Day, Week 16

Drew's preschool Sunday school class. Drew...and a bunch of girls!

Brad's favorite season...Golfing Season! I asked him to take the camera this morning to get a few shots. And he wants me to tell you that because he wants credit for this. :)

I had intended for today's POTD to be Brad playing in the church softball league's opening game. I snapped this instead. Drew and some of the older boys at church playing their own softball "game." I think it was a combination of Keep Away, Tag, and Catch. Drew was having

We signed up for a new cell phone plan and received our new phones via UPS today. After the boys went to bed, Brad was showing me the phone's basics.

Foodie! Reed is an eating machine. An animal, if you will. He could eat all the time; he has no "full" sensor, and he about bounces out of his highchair with excitement every time he's in it!

Again, this wasn't my intended POTD for the day. We met Brad's parents in Burlington this morning to drop off the boys so they could go to their house for the weekend. I wanted a photo of the boys in the van, but because it was raining cats and dogs, I didn't get my photo op. We skyped with the boys on Saturday, so I'm using it as Friday's photo to remember that they were gone from home for the weekend.

With the boys gone at Grandma and Grandpa's, I was having a little stay-cation of my own. I scrapped most of the day today. This was how my scrap room looked at 5:30 tonight. This picture doesn't do my mess justice...the floor is covered in paper, books, and albums!


  1. Drew is a lucky boy to be in with all those girls. I'm sure that he doesn't appereciate it now!

  2. I forgot to leave a comment last week, sometimes I read so many of these potd blogs then forget to comment. I enjoyed all the pictures I love love the top one then the one of you two with your new cell phones. Hope to see your new pictures maybe up today. Have a great Mother's Day if you don't link up today.