Sunday, April 11, 2010

Picture of the Day, Week 14

Easter Sunday - collecting Easter eggs in the backyard.

Some post-quiet-time quiet time with Daddy.

I have started to take Drew to the library on Tuesday mornings for Preschool Storytime. The kids do a craft, listen to stories, and then Drew picks out three new books to bring home until the following Tuesday, when we do it all over again. This was our second week attending, and Drew actually sat through storytime without me! We're making progress!

My parents arrived today for a visit, bringing with them a gift from my brother's girlfriend. She had found "Mater the Greater" at the store and picked it up for Drew. These two have been inseparable all weekend!

With the help of my parents here to watch the boys, I have a huge "to do" list for my spring cleaning. Today's task was to clean the windows. "Why, hello sunshine. It's nice to actually see you!" :)

Our first grilling of the season! Yummy yummy pork chops!

Thirteen months old today!


  1. I can't pick a fav picture they are all so cute. That smile is so cute!

  2. I liked all your pictures this week. Drew is such a cutie in these photos with that smile. Love the new car he got. I remember taking my kids to storytime at the library too, especially Sam my last baby, now he's in second grade. Your window looks great too.Have a great week.