Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Easter in Action

For those of you that actually stuck it out and read through that entirely too long previous post about Easter and my conflict with commercialization, toys, and bunnies (!)...thanks!

And here's a little something extra just for you. Well, really for the grandparents, because chances are they'll be the ones that actually sit through the nine minutes of video. But for them, and for maybe the other three of you that do the same, here are few things you need to know BEFORE YOU WATCH.

1. Sorry about the shakiness...Brad's got a nervous hand, and it was kinda breezy.
2. Pay no attention to our yard. It needs some serious help, we know.
3. You must, at all times, completely ignore my boobs and my butt - you will see far too much of both.

If you can abide by those three rules, by all means, watch.

And enjoy!

Easter 2010 from Brad Vander Waal on Vimeo.

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