Sunday, April 18, 2010

Picture of the Day, Week 15

Fifteen weeks. Let me tell ya, this isn't as easy as it was when I first started. I find remembering to take pictures the easy part...finding just what to take a picture of is beginning to become tricky. It's easy when something special is going on; someone is visiting us or we're doing something special/out of the ordinary.

But this album is called Project Life. The whole concept is based on capturing our life, every single tiny mundane routine ordinary thing.

And that's the hard part.

But not because things can seem boring. It's because some things are so regular and a part of our everyday life, I simply glaze over them and forget.

But I don't want to forget. So when I came up a few days short on photos at the end of this week, I started to think. And then I started to make a list, of the things I look over in day to day life because they are the norm. As cute as my kids are (call me partial), I want to be sure I'm capturing even the tiniest things that make us us.

You might find them boring. And that's okay. I hope, though, that you'll begin to look at the the very normal things in your day and see a little inspiration...maybe even a few blessings.

So I hope you enjoy this week's photos. Be sure to click on the Project Life Tuesday button at the bottom if you're starting to feel inspired and want to sneak a peek into others' versions of this project.

The boys with Grammy & Papa. My parents were here for a long weekend visit, helping take care of the boys while I worked on some serious spring cleaning projects.

Everyday life: The medicine cabinet in our bathroom.

Our van. A 2009 Honda Odyssey. I love this van. We've had it now for almost a year, and it has serviced us very nicely. I love loading up the boys, cruisin' around town, running errands, or taking trips. Love it love it love it.

It's pretty nostalgic dressing Reed in all of Drew's old clothes. When I dressed Reed this morning, I knew I had this picture of Drew wearing the same outfit at about the same age, and thought it would make for a sweet comparison shot. Stinkin' adorable!

Bedtime routine: Snack, potty, jammies, teeth, books, prayers, love you, sweet dreams, good night!

Brad made chocolate chip cookies tonight for snack (by "made" I mean bought the dough, spooned it onto cookies sheet, and put in the oven). Unfortunately, he didn't set the timer on the oven and forgot about them. Ah well. Drew didn't seem to mind.

'Tis the spring season...time to mow again. Drew's helping out daddy, but about five seconds after I took this picture, Brad got too close for Drew's liking and decided he was done helping!


  1. You would never know that you have trouble finding things to take pictures of. I love your pics! Maybe make a list of things that would be interesting to include in the album: the contents of your purse, panty or fridge, a quirk the kids have, a habit of yours or your husband's, your blog page, your to do list, things like that. The day I waited to be induced with my son, I just sat around all day waiting for the phone to ring, so I ended up taking a picture of my phone. I'm sure it will be interesting to see what phones looked like in 2009 many years from now, you know?

  2. I'm never bored when I visit your blog. Love seeing your cute boys and all their fun. I like Katie's in the above comments, that's what I would have said. Some weeks I have too many pictures other times just regular ones like you said. All pictures tell a story though. So the pictures you took this week are great. Pictures with grandparents are wonderful because they will be treasured always, love the medicine cabinet you will now you will remember what stuff you used, great van I love the color and that's good to take a potd to remind kids when they are older and don't remember it, the bedtime routine is always fun to remember, funny about the cookies, and love love when boys bring out their toy mowers to copy their dads. You've got great stories here.

    Did you see Ali Edward's blog recently, she's doing a "week in the life" which I'm doing with her and lots of other moms. Check it out & see if that interests you. Have a good week.

  3. Great pictures this week. I love the shot of your sons in the same shirt!

  4. I love the getting ready for bed shot.