Friday, December 31, 2010

Picture of the Day, Weeks 51 & 52

We're closing out 2010 with the last two weeks of our POTDs for the year. This has been an amazing project and a wonderful album for me to complete. So many memories captured and recorded to cherish forever. So many details that we would have otherwise forgotten but are so important as they make us who we are right now. It's all a part of our lives, and therefore worth remembering.

I hope you've enjoyed this project along with me. Maybe you'd like to do the same in 2011??? I know we are! :)

It didn't take us long to make a considerable dent in the Christmas cookies we made last week. Because my hips don't need another batch, I tucked a few in the freezer to save for Santa.

Brad plays dartball on Monday nights with the men from church. It's a cross between darts and baseball. This is the dartboard, with bases, out zones, and the scoreboard.

We continue to struggle with Drew at dinner time. It doesn't seem to matter what we're having (unless it's PB&J) he argues and whines and complains about the meal. Tonight, however, something clicked - he dove right into eating and had it snarfed down before Brad did! Maybe this trend will continue???

The boys are slowly starting to enjoy playing with each other. We picked up a cheap "game" at Walmart today and the boys set themselves up in the hall, shooting these discs back and forth. Reed even got Jingle the dog in on the fun!

The snow started falling late tonight, and continued for the next 24 hours. We ended up with about 6 or 7 inches, making for a beautiful white Christmas!

Setting out milk and cookies for Santa!

The aftermath!
We had a wonderful morning, opening gifts and enjoying our family.

Christmas in Pella with the Vander Waals.
The 10 grandkids.

Lauren, Ali, and DJ hung around at Grandma and Grandpa's house after everyone else went home. It was great to spend some extra time with them, and for the boys to get to know their cousins a little better. I love how this picture captures quality family time.

Tuesday {12.28.10}
I'm hoping to get some photos from Brad's mom to fill in for this day. We headed out for MN shortly after lunch, but spent the morning playing and chatting and continuing the fun from Monday with Brad's family.

The boys' first time sledding!
Papa, Brad, the boys, and I ventured out to Spring Lake Park, where we sledded for about an hour. It was a blast! Both boys had so much fun!

A casual, fun day playing with family at Grammy & Papa's house.

We celebrated Christmas with the Cliftons today. Lots of presents + lots of smiles + lots of love = lots of fun!


  1. I believe I recognize that table and chairs at your mom and dad's house, Lesley! I love the Olive Garden commercial where the cousins go to eat together and talk about their days sitting at the kids' table--I think of the Gushee cousins everytime I see it! Love you, Auntie B

  2. Great photos to end the year with. I love the one of the boys by the twinkling lights on the tree. It's funny they don't eat at this age and when they are almost teenagers they eat everything in the house so be prepared. Happy New Year.