Monday, August 23, 2010

To Grandmother's House We Go

To Grammy and Papa's house, that is.

When my cousins and I have our annual girls weekend together, it's been "tradition" that my mom and her sister take care of their grandkids at my aunt's house. This year was no different, except that with the count up to five total children between myself and my cousin, Papa was called in for reinforcements! That also provided my parents with the opportunity to whisk the boys off to their place for a few extra days, for some quality grandson time, which of course, provided Brad and I with some quality, quiet time as well!

These photos are from my parents' camera, and since I wasn't there to tell you what's going on in these pictures, I asked Drew to give the commentary for these snapshots.

Pit Stop #1: Aunt Bonita's House

"We're playing soccer in the basement. I'm running fast as I can"

"Talking to Coach Papa."

"That's Olivia."

"Reed's playing with Elmo outside."

"Looking at fireworks at Bonita's house."

"Watching football. The blue team, the green team. We like the red team."

"I'm splashing the rocks into the water so the fish can eat them."

Pit Stop #2: Grammy & Papa's House

"I was swimming. I was playing. I was playing with Avery."

"I'm fixing a puzzle with Uncle Justin."

"Reed's playing in the box, doing whatever he want to do in there."

"A butterfly was on Grammy's flowers."

"Reed doing what he want to do again."

"Looking at the zoo. I was feeding the fish, the ducks. The two ducks were in the water."

"Avery likes Go Fish."

"Say hi to Mommy."

"I'm playing cards again. Go Fish again. Lesley gave that shirt to Avery"

"We're trying to hide from Papa, trying to not sneak up on him."

We know that Grammy and Papa cherished their time with the boys...but we're pretty sure they're exhausted! They brought the boys back last Thursday, and stayed with us for the weekend, heading back home this morning. We know they miss us when we're apart, but I'm thinking they were ready to head back to a quiet house! :)

I'm looking forward to making this a tradition with my parents, as well as with Brad's parents. I treasure my memories of my grandparents, and with experiences like these, I know that my boys will, too.

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  1. Loved Drew's commentary--but we have no idea what the fireworks were the boys were watching! Can't wait for the 5 kiddos to get together again. Love to all, Auntie B