Friday, October 7, 2011

Back to the Patch

It's been our tradition since Drew was a babe to go to the apple orchard/pumpkin patch in the fall.  Brad totally humors me on this one as we don't even purchase any apples or pumpkins on our trip there; I just love fall and going to the patch is just so fall-ish.  It makes me happy.  My kids play outside, enjoy the weather, and we get to play with friends!  At least we did in 2007, 2008 (oh my stars, just click on that link and see what a bitty babe Drew was!), and 2009.  Each fall, our dear friends Scott and Kathy, along with their girls, visited us in Pekin and we took our traditional trip to the patch together. Last year, however, the Vriezes weren't able to make a fall trip south, so the four of us went on our own.  We were so excited to reunite this year when we met up at Emma Krumbee's on Saturday, September 24th!  The day started out cloudy, somewhat chilly, and a bit breezy.  But soon the clouds opened up, revealing a beautiful, sunshiny day - perfect for fall fun at the patch!

First stop: the giant hay stack, to climb up, jump on, and roll down.  It's also good for a few posed pictures here and there.

Um, yeah.  I was a kid once.  I know how it's done.

 "Oh yeah, baby!"

Much like other orchards, Emma's had plenty of wooden play gyms for kids to play on.  Both Drew and Reed mastered the rock wall on Noah's Ark. 

Grace, Drew & Reed 

 Waiting for the barrel train to roll in.
{I love this picture!}

 And they're off!

 We happened to visit Emma's during their annual scarecrow contest.
This one was my favorite. ;)

 Scott and Kathy have the cutest girls ever, and this little Norah was giving me a hard time all morning - no smiles, no "hi"s, nothing.  Then I caught this picture of her...and she laughed!  The ice was broken. :)

 Off-roadin' on the BMX trail with some serious John Deere tricycle power.

 Headin' down the mountain slide.

 A little chit-chat inside the train.

 After making our rounds throughout the orchard, it was finally time to hop on the tractor trailer and head back to the pumpkin patch.

 This was where I would have liked to have gotten some stellar shots of my boys...

 ...frolicing through the patch, enjoying creation and the beautiful weather and reveling in *fall*.


 This is what I got.


I got a great shot of Grace, though.  :)

 This one's pretty good, although forced because Brad and I kept hollering at him to "just smile...please!"

 This was the best of the bunch with the two boys together, because after this one...

 I got this...



and this.  They look real enthused, yes?

 Then try going from two kids to five kids, and you just have to hold down that shutter button and hope you get something.  Anything. :)
Every picture tells a story, though.  I'm afraid the story here is "Mom, you're annoying."

Riding back through the orchard on the trailer. 

And a final stop at the giant hay pile on our way out for one last jump...

...and roll.

Ahhh, seriously.  I heart the Patch!

Scott & Kathy: Loved our day together.  Let's do it again, k?

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