Sunday, October 2, 2011

Picture of the Day, Week 39

Sunday {9.25.11}
My 32nd birthday was great, and this cake was the literal icing on my day!  With help from my mom, the boys frosted and decorated my cake just for me.  I'm normally not fond of clowns, but when they land on top of my cake because my boys wanted them there, I can like them for as long as it takes me to blow out the candles!

Monday {9.26.11}
Drew went on his very first school field trip this morning, to Welsh Heritage Farms.  He learned all about picking, cleaning, peeling, packing, and baking the apples at the orchard.  I was lucky enough to join him, and it was a pretty cool.

Tuesday {9.27.11}
My birthday present arrived today - my very first laminator!  Nerdy?  Absolutely.  But I'm totally in love.  I might have mentioned to Brad that my crafty closet is complete now...maybe.

Wednesday {9.28.11}
My mom: "Can you watch all the kids for five minutes?"
Me: "Sure, no problem! ... Here Brad, watch all the kids for a couple, k?"

Thursday {9.29.11}
Reed is completely infatuated with Mindy's "doggies" Aspen and Bailey.  When they visit, Reed tracks their every move and once they've left, he asks "Doggies all gone?" for a good three to five hours. 

Friday {9.30.11}
As "Star of the Day" at school today, Drew got to be the snack helper, line leader, and he got to bring Violet home for the weekend.  Much like last year when he brought home Corduroy, this is an exercise in imaginative play and language development.  Drew and Violet were inseparable all weekend long!

Saturday {10.1.11}
God + Sara Groves + Brad = darn near heavenly.  Sara is, by far, my favorite singer/songwriter of all time.  I will never pass on the opportunity to hear her live (it was almost exactly a year ago when we saw her last).  Tonight was the opening night of her new tour, celebrating the release of her new album "Invisible Empires."  I can only describe it as incredible.

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