Sunday, October 16, 2011

Picture of the Day, Week 41

Sunday {10.9.11}
Luci, Luci, Luci...

Monday {10.10.11}
I finally - finally - finished my end table re-do.  I gotta say, I impress myself sometimes. :)  It was a project that took far too long, but one that was worth it in the end.  I love the darker color, and it looks great with the other pieces for our living room.  Onto the next project... 

Tuesday {10.11.11}
Soaking up the last little bit of our Indian summer with hopscotch on the driveway.

Wednesday {10.12.11}
School Picture Day today!  I'll use one of Drew's photos for today's POTD.

Thursday {10.13.11}
My dad's post retirement job has been driving buses for various school and sporting events.  He's been so busy this week with driving and his other seasonal job, that we've barely seen him all week.  He made a quick pit stop at home this afternoon between drives to say 'hello' and have a bite to eat.

Friday {10.14.11}
I put Drew to task separating the yellow, orange, and brown M&Ms for the Halloween monster cookies I made this afternoon.  I don't think he minded helping me out. :)

Saturday {10.15.11}
One of the things I love to see as the boys' relationship with each other grows is when they make each other laugh.  This morning they were rolling on the floor, hugging and giggling.  Such a sweet picture - until one of them screams or tattles.  But whatever. 

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