Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Welsh Heritage Farms

{So I guess I'm going to have to start Project: Rewind Part Two.  I've spent the last two weeks playing catch up from the last two I'm behind on the last two weeks!  I'll just pick up where I left off, how's that?  Ok, good.}

As if spending Saturday at Emma Krumbee's wasn't fun enough, Drew got to return to an orchard on Monday, September 26 when he went to Welsh Heritage Farms with his preschool for his very first field trip.  Two classes from 5C's went together, loading the church's bus and heading out to the farm.  Parents were invited to attend by meeting the kids at the orchard, and Jeremy, Ashley, Addy, and I were all able to join Drew and Avery for their morning of fall fun.  

Arriving at the farm. 

 Listening to Baker Pam talk about the different kinds of apples found at the farm.

 Farmer Larry giving the kids a lesson on the right way to pick an apple: Lift and Twist!

 Practicing his technique.

 Good work, my man!

Heading down the hill with our apples to learn more about how to pack, peel, and bake them. 

 Waiting in line to see the apples go through the giant apple washing machine.

 Learning how the apples are packaged and peeled.
(I have to find a way to politely barge through small children so I can get pictures of Drew's face instead of his back.)

One last stop inside the bakery, hearing from Baker Pam about all she can make with apples.
(It smelled delicious in there!)

The field trip ended with a snack before loading up the bus and heading back to school.

Preschool + Field Trip + Fall = Pretty Dang Awesome.

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