Sunday, October 30, 2011

Picture of the Day, Weeks 42 & 43

 Sunday {10.16.11}
We all got together for lunch to celebrate my parents' 39th wedding anniversary.

 Monday {10.17.11}
Brad "hired" a work crew to help rake the leaves.  They look like they're hard at work, don't they?  Don't let them fool you...they did more jumping than they did raking! But then again, so did Brad! :)

Tuesday {10.18.11}
This table is old, unstable, and probably dangerous for small children to play at.  But it is also very special, and holds many memories.  It's the "kids table" from my grandparents house, and it's so fun to see the great-grandkids sitting at it.

Wednesday {10.19.11}
When traveling, we frequent the drive-thrus, and now that Reed is a tish older, we're able to eat in the car.  I do squeeze myself onto the floor behind the passenger seat to assist the young man; who wants to clean ketchup and mustard out of the van upholstery?

Thursday {10.20.11}
The boys got some serious Grandma and Grandpa bonding time when we visited them for a few days this week.

Friday {10.21.11}
We headed to Des Moines this afternoon to spend a bit of time with Brad's sister and brother and their families, wherein Drew got some serious s'more pointers from Aunt Glenda!

Saturday {10.22.11}
The Des Moines Race for the Cure with the Gushee's!

Sunday {10.23.11}
One of Brad's favorite things is to attend his nieces' and nephews' sporting events, but since moving to Illinois, we weren't able to see them play very often.  We took the opportunity to watch our niece, Alison (left), play soccer before leaving town this afternoon.

Monday {10.24.11}
Halloween preparations are under way!  Pumpkin carving tonight at Jeremy and Ashley's resulted in these fine creations: Lightening McQueen, a funny face, a scary face, a football, and another Lightening McQueen.

Tuesday {10.25.11}
Reed wasn't quite ready to wake up from his nap this afternoon, and I guess Addy thought it looked mighty comfortable!

Wednesday {10.26.11}
We hadn't done any art projects at home since, well, since moving, and it was time to get our craft on.  Painting Jack-O-Lanterns onto glass jars was just the fix we needed.

Thursday {10.28.11}
I would like the entire retail industry to know that if they had carts just like the one's CVS does, it would make every mother's shopping-with-children dreams come true.  

 Friday {10.29.11}
Ghosts and witch hats are our homemade Halloween sweets this year.  Make that multi-eyed monster ghost cookies (thank you, Reed).

Saturday {10.30.11}
A poptart picnic breakfast in Grammy's room.  Drew's been asking to do this for weeks!

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