Thursday, October 13, 2011

Fall Photo Shoot

{Or: Christmas Card Preview}

Someday I will hire a photographer and have family photos taken.

Photos like these or these or these.  Or these.

I'll also need a stylist.  And a comedian (to generate authentic smiles).  And the perfect weather.  

Oh, and the money to hire such a photographer.  {Wouldn't make a bad Christmas gift...ahem...}

Someday I will.  

Just not now.

Last Sunday, we ventured to Sibley Park to try to capture a few family photos in the beautiful fall weather.  I had my camera, which is a really great camera, operated by my dad.  Therefore, my really great camera in auto mode with my dad holding down the shutter button.  {Absolutely nothing against my dad, obviously.  Just the lack of having anyone on hand that knows how to use that way cool manual mode.}  I dressed everyone.  That morning.  I threw together what we had, and I've never known how to accessorize, so we were left with plain polo shirts and khaki pants.  A little too matchy matchy for me, but again I say: I need a lesson in accessories.  That's where that stylist comes in.  I failed to actually check my children before leaving the house, so both boys have milk mustaches, and Reed has a snack stain on his shirt.  It was around 4:00 in the afternoon, which I'm not sure is the best time of day for photographs.  There are a lot of shadows, and without having a true photographer on hand, we couldn't see where to be to get the best light.  And 4:00 in the afternoon isn't the best time of day should one want cooperative children.  A little antsy, I must say.

Definitely not professional quality - but definitely authentic!

My dad snapped over 100 photos, and we got a handful of keepers.  I have plans to print some rather large to display in our {someday} new home, and you'll be sure to receive some in your mailbox come the holiday season.

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  1. Love those pictures!!!! What a beautiful family!!