Thursday, October 13, 2011

Star of the Day

At Drew's preschool, his class has a different "Star of the Day" each school day.  On that day, the Star gets to do very important jobs, like line leader and snack helper.  The highlight for the Star {or at least for our Star} is that they get to bring home their class mascot.  Drew was named "Star of the Day" for the Purple class on Friday, September 30, and he brought home with him, for the entire weekend, VIOLET from the Purple class! 

Drew was absolutely thrilled to bring Violet home!  She followed Drew everywhere and did everything he did!  He first had to introduce her to his other "friends" - Teddy and Bubba - to which they welcomed her with open paws. :)  Then they played and played and played.  Drew taught Violet how to play Sorry!, and Violet won!  Then they did puzzles, played computer games, colored, and did everything else together.  Violet ate with Drew and Violet slept with Drew - I drew the line at bringing her into the bathroom with him.

When we tucked Drew in on Friday night, he asked that we take his picture with Violet after he fell asleep.  He was totally in love with her. Violet even got to go to church and Sunday school with Drew.  Sunday afternoon, we went to a local park for a little bit, and Drew forgot Violet.  He was sad, but I have a hunch Violet was happy to stay behind - she needed a nap!

Violet returned to school on Monday, with her overnight bag and her journal, where Drew recorded his weekend adventures with her.  I think it's safe to say that Drew is looking forward to being the "Star of the Day" again. ;)

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