Sunday, October 9, 2011

Picture of the Day, Week 40

 Sunday {10.2.11}
We went down to the park today to attempt to get some family photos taken amid the beautiful fall scenery.  My dad shot over 100 photos, and we got 12 good ones.  Not bad! :)

 Monday {10.3.11}
We enjoyed a beautiful Indian Summer this week, with temps well into the 70s, and even 80s, all week long.  We pushed the kids outside as much as we could.  This afternoon, Drew and Avery took full advantage of the good weather, my brothers' old trucks, and the driveway.

 Tuesday {10.4.11}
It's October and we're wearing our bathing suits!  Washing the van has never been so easy with four sets of extra hands (Drew, Avery, Reed and Addy) to help!

Wednesday {10.5.11}
I'm crazy enough to have decided to try to make the boys' Halloween costumes this year; and my mom was crazy enough to let me talk her into helping me!  So far it has involved a lot of tracing, cutting, marking, measuring, sewing, and for my mom, remembering how to read a pattern! {Can anyone guess what the boys will be???  If I've already told you, no telling!}  

 Thursday {10.6.11}
The view down my parents' street.
I love fall.

 Friday {10.7.11}
Drinking his milk after finishing his cereal.
Like mother, like son. (He's holding his spoon just like I do!)

Saturday {10.8.11}
The boys (sons and father) have quite the set up in my parents' basement for all of their toys.  When I went downstairs today, I found that Brad had amped it up a bit with a second TV so he could watch two football games at the same time.  And Drew is on the floor watching a movie on the computer.  Ummm, can you say too much screen time?!?

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