Thursday, August 26, 2010

Dear Santa...

While the boys and I were at Target yesterday morning, we got distracted in the toy aisle. And by "we" I mean Drew. And by "distracted" I mean "huh?" was the answer I got (repeatedly) as I tried to get his attention. There is one aisle, in particular, that is feeding ground for small children because it has several hand-held video devices on display for tiny little fingers to dabble with. Drew proceeded to inspect all four of these devices, pressing the buttons and watching the screen, all the while telling me "I want this one."

Just so you know, convincing a three-year-old that, NO we can't get that right now, is...umm, how do I say...impossible?

Oh, right. I.M.P.O.S.S.I.B.L.E.

But something magical happened. Somehow, I did convince Drew.

I think it was a little thing called "Christmas Spirit."

I told Drew that we couldn't get it now, but that maybe he should start his Christmas list for Santa. And you know what? He totally went for it!

{That got him to exit the toy aisles, but it didn't get him to stop telling me every 2.5 minutes that "I want that toy" in a very sweet, soft, "I'm such a good boy" voice. HA! This mother shan't be fooled!}

So all the way home he's telling me how we have to start his list. And the first thing he says when we pull into the garage is "let's write to Santa!" and then again when we got inside the house "let's write to Santa!"

Okay, alright already! We'll write to Santa!!


"the toy like Noah's that plays races" =
Leapster with Cars game

"big Buzz Lightyear that shoots wings out" =
the biggest (of course) Buzz at Target, although I don't think the size matters so much as the wings. I got a Buzz for 25 cents at a garage sale when Drew was still a baby, but this Buzz has no wings that shoot out so he can fly. For shame. Poor kid is deprived.

"the one that Rex digs and pulls things out" =
one of those electronic readers for kids. He was playing with one in the Target aisle that was showing Rex (the dinosaur from Toy Story) finding things in a sandbox...or something like that. I really have no idea what he's talking about. But I'm sure Santa knows. ;)

So I tell Drew that we'll have to put his letter in the mail and send it to Santa. I posted it to the fridge so we won't forget (or rather, until I figure out where to send it...)

Fast forward to this morning, our conversation goes a little something like this...

Drew: "How come Santa hasn't come yet?"
Me: "It's not Christmas yet, buddy."
Drew: "Oh. When is it Christmas?"
Me: "Not until it gets really cold outside."
Drew: "When there's snow?"
Me: "Yep, when there's snow."

{Not two minutes later...}
Drew: "Mama, how come there isn't any snow yet?"

Oh, sweet Drew. Four months, buddy. Just four more months.

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